Why Not Build an Amazing Company?

Company culture may sound like some kind of word that is dragged out of a large corporations’ vocabulary, right? Well, not exactly. Every business needs some sort of culture, as culture within your company is universal. We see in the large corporations, they have whole departments focusing on culture, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be like that for your business. We will walk you through how to develop an empowering and thriving culture in your business, REGARDLESS of its size in 3 simple steps.

1. Make It Yours

Regardless of your size, if you have a company up and running, most chances are that you have some sort of unique culture bubbling up. It is very important for you, the business owner, to observe what is happening in your business in terms of culture and then turn it into something tangible. Something that you can express and build on.

Even if you have a small team, it is important to understand what drives them and what they do and don’t like. By understanding what your employees like and dislike, you will be able to start crafting your own company culture that is unique to you. A healthy company culture can attract good potential employees and retain existing top performing employees, therefore helping sustain your business.

2. Define Yourself

The most logical thing for a business owner to think to do is to go into a room and put pen to paper and come up with a company culture. But, truth of the matter is, you cannot dictate the culture in your workplace, it has to come from the energy and staff. It is comprised of many factors that arise from employees, operations, office space, targets, activities etc. For your culture to be authentic, it needs to come from everyone.

It is important to take a step back and talk about what everyone’s dream company looks like. What roles are people fulfilling there? How do they work with each other? How do they treat each other? It is important that you get all of this in writing from your staff. You need to understand and analyse it.

Then, you need to clearly state the characteristics that define your business today and the characteristics that define where you want to be tomorrow. Once you have those two outlined, then you will be able to know where you are currently and where you need to be in the future.

3. Execute, Execute and Execute

Here is one piece of advice, don’t go and get quotes from the internet and print them onto vinyl and stick them all over your office walls and never discuss them again. Make sure that the culture that you have identified and the strategy you chose to take actually comes into existence.

Your culture should be seen and felt immediately. So, how does this happen one might ask, nonstop communication. You have to communicate your new culture consistently and repeatedly.

The most important thing when it comes to creating and crafting your own culture is that you have to start by making everyone in your organization comfortable enough to have a casual, honest discussions about everything that happens in your company. Only through these conversations you can understand wholistically where your company is at. These conversations happen via causal lunches, messaging tools, internal surveys etc.

Laying the foundation for an amazing small business culture can be done, it just takes some time and thoughtfulness to get there. It is not just about creating the concept of “culture” but it is rather to show your team that you care. When your team will see and feel that your care, that is when your culture will solidify and eventually, take a life on its own.

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