Crushing Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us once more in the month of November! Hopefully this year, it’ll be slightly different to last year’s covid-tastrophe! This year, it’s a great time for eCommerce businesses to shine alongside physical small businesses. We hope you’re ready in the wings with strong website servers and large amounts of stock. Here are a few tips to be prepped so that your Black Friday and Cyber Monday dealz go out without a hitch!

Customers Appreciate the Effort

Don’t just put up a black and white poster saying “Black Friday Dealz.” If you really want your target audience to ‘get them while they’re hot,’ making a big fuss of the business holiday won’t go unnoticed. Make sure to have attractive signage (be it physical or digital), enough stock and a great marketing plan for social media. It really influences people into shopping with you over your competitors.

Market The Sale For Potential Customers

Research shows that most people start scoping out the Black Friday scene early. That means they either start walking around the shopping malls weeks in advance or they browse the internet seeking potential products that they’d purchase if it were on sale. This gives an advantage to a small business owner to start marketing the sale long before. Start an advent calendar of deals to count down to the big day if you’d like to go the extra mile! Otherwise, hype up your deals with language like ‘Ready to get up to 75% OFF?’ Make sure that you’re reeling them in with anticipation! 

Make Sure Your Stock is Locked and Loaded

During this period, there is going to be an influx of demand from customers with money saved up to spend. Make sure you have enough stock on your shelves (both retail and e-commerce) to supply that demand. Stock generates revenue – if you don’t have enough, that means you will lose out on a sale and someone with stock will benefit from it. Go through your annual sales report, see which products sell the most and make sure you stock up on them. And if you don’t have the funds to stock-up, Fundrr is here to assist!

Ensuring Your Website Can Handle Increased Traffic

Sometimes, on days like these, increased traffic on the website can cause the server to crash or delay in response time which may lead to unsatisfied customers and abandoned carts which is lost sales. You can check your server’s load capacity here

Ensure Your Store Can Handle Increased Traffic

If you are a physical retailer then you must make sure that your store is ready and poised to attract customers. Put your most popular items on display. Make sure that your store looks well-stocked. Ensure that your staff are ready to assist customers, ensure that there are safety protocols in place.

And there you have it! But a few tips on how to crush your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales! Create a smooth, slick and satisfying experience for your customers during this shopping season and you’re sure to be rewarded – with a lot of cash! Remember, if you don’t have the funds to go BIG this Black Friday – never fear, Fundrr is here!


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