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What’s Fundrr?

Fundrr is a financial technology company that uses intelligent algorithms to assess businesses and business owners holistically (we’re fancy like that) and therefore are able to provide quick, easy and affordable capital to assist SMEs in South Africa.

Why Fundrr and not another?

With Fundrr, what you see is what you get. We’re not about that shady life where we have a secret ‘gotcha’ up our sleeve that’s going to leave you upset and confused. Fundrr uses technological innovation, which gives us the upper hand in providing Small Businesses with quick and more affordable funding. Fundrr allows Small Businesses to get an answer the SAME DAY and access to capital in just 24 hours. We are one of the only flexible Small Business funders - as payments are tailored to YOU! Pay as often as daily or as seldom as monthly - it’s all up to you, darling!

What’s your deal with banks?

Banks just don’t get small businesses. They’re strict, finicky and are frugal with lending - because obviously, they’re scared you won’t pay them back. They want collateral, a long business history, huge cash flow plans, flowcharts, the kitchen sink and high interest all in one sitting. This makes it difficult for SMEs to grow - which we don’t vibe with, to say the least.

Why is unsecured funding better than a traditional loan?

Traditional loans are so 2002. Traditional loans/Secured funding means putting your assets up as collateral, and that’s not how we roll. Traditional loans are so dated and super risky, to be honest. Banks are difficult to get loans out of because they want to see the future of your business before its time. They want to know where every cent goes before they give you funding (with the same repayment every month), not to mention the wild interest rates on top of that. Where we differ is that while our funding is unsecured - we trust your vision and want to partner with you every step of your epic business journey. There’s no chance of losing your house or your spouse with Fundrr.

Why is Fundrr hating on startups?

Hey! No hate, only love. We’re a big fan of startups, and we’d love to help. Got a business idea? JUST START, hustle for 6 months or so and build up some turnover - Then we’ll know you’ve got what it takes to GO BIG. We do this so that we know you're ready, and have some experience under your belt, to know how to use your moola to grow your business. Sounds fair right? View our qualification criteria here.

Is Applying Free?

Applying is free of charge (AKA the best price) and there is no commitment or obligations when applying or getting a quote. No tricks, only treats.

How are fees calculated?

Fees are as flexible as you are. We calculate fees based on your turnover, the duration of the loan and how often you’d like to make payments. Cash advances can be between 3 to 12 months with payments being as often as daily or as seldom as monthly - it’s up to you if you want to take things slow or move super fast, Fundrr will go with your flow.

For example, if you receive R100,000 you can expect to pay back on average R117,000 over 6 months depending on your Fundrr Score. If you score well, you’ll score by paying less over your chosen period of time, (which means less interest and more cash money for you and your business).

How do I pay?

Fundrr will enter into a purchase agreement with your business to pay back as frequently as every day or as infrequently as every month. You’ll be paying whatever feels comfortable for your business to flourish at the same time as making payments. Together we can tailor your plan to the T so that you feel comfortable and excited to grow your epic business.

Can I settle early?

Ummm, Of course! Fundrr won’t charge you a penalty for settling your funding early. In fact, if you want to settle your funding early, you’ll save some bucks.

How secure is my information?

We take safety and security very seriously (So it’s locked up mega tight). All information entered on our website is secured and encrypted (fancy word for being made into ‘super-difficult to decipher’ code). Fundrr cannot access your personal information and cannot alter your information either (not that we would want to). So all your stuff is very safe, and won’t be leaving our system’s very capable binary bouncers.

Why do you need my bank account information?

In order for Fundrr to assess your business, we need to review your cash flow and bank statement data. This allows us to assist businesses that would not usually be serviced by formal financial institutions. You can trust us with your deets, we’re on your team.

Does Fundrr have access to my credit score?

We gotta know if you’re ok and not buying Rolls Royces at random. Upon written consent, Fundrr will be able to access the business’ and the Directors credit scores. All credit checks are done by Compuscan (Pty) Ltd.

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