3 Simple Steps to being Fundrred

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…



Apply quickly and easily online (we love cyberspace) – You don’t have to deal with people, fees or wasting time listening to generic ‘please hold’ music. But if you have any questions and do want to speak to a human give us a call, here’s our digits: (010) 141-4213. No strings attached, no hassle and best of all, it’s FREE to get a quote!



Score with Fundrr and get approved within 24 hours! We take a peek at your eligibility with our proprietary automated scoring model (it’s super techy), making it easy peasy to get you an answer in a flash. We’re not like other lenders, we let our tech talk the talk.



When you’ve been given the green light, your cash should be stacked in your account ready to GO BIG! You can then tailor your payments to daily or monthly, over a span of 3 to 12 months. If you need some guidance, look no further, young grasshopper, we can help by assessing your business to see which payment scheme is the best move for you.

The lowest qualifying criteria in the game!

6 Months Ownership

Six months is still early days, but you’ve got a bit of a track record and know where you’re headed. By now you’ve messed up, dressed up and stepped up, and are ready to take your business to the next level. We unfortunately don’t fund new startups – but we love you and will be waiting right here in 6 months. xx

3 Months Trade

Consistency is key here – no matter how long you’ve been in business – if you’ve taken a break from trading (*eye roll* Covid), you’ll need another 3 months of constant trade to qualify for Funding. Traditional institutions can require a trade history of upwards of 12 months, but Fundrr understands that you have to crawl before you can run like Caster Semenya.

R30k+ Turnover

Your turnover is the determining factor for our adaptive solution. A qualifying business needs a turnover of R30k+ per month to qualify for funding. Look, we know it seems like a lot but Fundrr is here to accelerate the next stage of your business growth – you know, to go BIG! You’ll hit that target sooner than you think – and if you’re way past that.. what are you waiting for?

Transparent payment structures

Fundrr offers 3 to 12 months funding options with adaptive and flexible payment structures


Here's an example

*based on average Fundrr Score

If you receive R100,000 the total payable will be R119,000

The payments can be made in one of 4 ways:

We will analyse your cash flow and suggest a payment schedule that would best suit you.

How does our funding model work in the wild?

Time to adapt & get flexible!

Join the Fundrr Hustle

You partner with us when business is good and you have plans to grow or to fund an opportunity.

Turnover is increasing, payments are easy…

Life is Good!

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