How To Make Your Business More “Instagrammable”

The social media platform, Instagram, is one of the most under-utilized tools that are available in the arsenal of small businesses owners. 

Instagram can assist any business owner in connecting with new customers, engage with existing customers and promote a product and/or service. Fun fact – Preview, a popular Instagram app, conducted a survey and found that more than 60% of people go on Instagram to either buy something or find more information on a product they are seeking to buy. Once we understand this concept, and find out people do go on Instagram to essentially “shop around”, then we can really start to understand how we, as business owners, can fully utilise this platform to our advantage. 

Now, some of you may say: “I am not good at Instagram and I don’t have money right now to hire a Social Media Strategist”. Well, there is another way around that. In some cases, you can get Instagram traction without even creating a single post. If you, the business owner, are able to create an experience that your customers want to share on their own Instagram accounts, they can do much of the work for you. Ching ching – problem solved! By setting up “Instagrammable” places within your business and creating products that people would love to post on their feeds, your customers can help your brand gain more buzz on Instagram. So, all that is left to do is sit back and watch your product/service go viral. 

So, let us highlight a few tricks to help you:

  1. Set up “Instagrammable” Walls

Walls or backdrops are the holy grail when it comes to Instagram. So, a smart way is to dedicate a wall or an area to create an instagrammable section of your business. It can be a funky colour, or a neon lit catch phrase, or some sort of couch or something interactive. 

  1. Mirror, mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are a great tool to allow customers to take pictures of themselves. We are currently living in a selfie age, so let’s maximize it and allow our patrons to take pictures of themselves. If they take a selfie, they can tag your business and then you get exposure, or you can even take it a step further and sandblast your business logo on there for constant exposure. 

  1. Repost Your Customers’ Photos

Clients always like and appreciate when the business reposts their pictures. So, whenever you get tagged in a post, make sure to repost it. It’s great to show appreciation to your clients when they post a picture of your business, so make sure to tag them and say “Thank you”. This will also show your other customers that your business has an instagrammable spot and they might do it next time they come. 

  1. Set up Contests or Incentives

You can create a contest that rewards customers for posting pictures of your business. You can get really creative by running some sort of a campaign that allows your customers to win something from the business if they post a specific photo of the product or tagging your business, or tagging your location.

  1. Improve You Lighting

When it comes to Instagram, lighting is very important. High quality light fixtures can really make the pictures of your patrons better – and with that, there’s more pictures that they’ll take. Natural lighting is the best source of light, so if you have windows, make sure the shutters are always up. And, if you even want to go a step further, try installing some sort of skylights or extra windows. 

  1. Décor, Décor Décor

People LOVE cool and unique décor. So, make sure your business has some interesting pieces that give the place some character. This can be in the form of antique furniture, neon signs, cool light features, interesting couch etc. Whatever it may be, it must catch people’s eyes. That is the point. 

We’d love to hear some tips from you on what you do to make your business more instagrammable. But, in the meanwhile, follow some of these steps and this will hopefully increase web traffic, social media traffic, and most importantly, revenue.

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