How to Market Your Small Business on a Shoestring Budget

Marketing is often a word that scared us. When we hear the word “marketing”, it’s like some sort of big, metaphoric monster coming to eat all of our profits. Well, we cannot say that thought is completely wrong, we can only say that there are a few smart ways that the “monster” can become a cute puppy that we take to the park every Sunday for a walk.

When we think of marketing, we think billboards, we think radio ads, TV, activations etc. Well, maybe that was the case in the 20thcentury, but we are lucky enough to have many mediums in which to deliver our message at the most cost-effective way. We, at Fundrr, have come up with five easy, innovative and smart ways to market your business on a very tight budget.

Ready? Let’s start.

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1. Perfect your pitch

Think about it like this, you are your business. You are the driving force of the business, you are the life of the business, you are the brains of the business and yes, you guessed it right, you are the marketer of the business. Creating a solid pitch could be the most essential tool to your business’s success.

Research shows that an individual (adult) has an average of six to eight seconds attention span. That is all the time you have to grab that person’s attention when speaking about your business. If you succeed then you have another +- one minute to really sell your product or service that your company is supplying.

Create a good pitch. That could really be an amazing tool to market your product and potentially open doors to opportunity.

2. Attend networking events

Attending networking events, indabas, conferences and get togethers in your industry is a great opportunity to get to meet potential clients at zero cost. Furthermore, you can e-mail the organizers with your product and ask to speak and present at these events. Organizers always seek to fill in their slots with exciting new speakers, so utilize that and who knows, you will either meet new friends, partners, suppliers, competitors and even customers.

Remember, you don’t have to be a good speaker to deliver a message. So, take a deep breath and show the audience what they want to see.

3. Embrace social Media

Social media has now become a vital time investment of any business, from small to large. There are so many options and varieties when choosing which platform to list your business on, so we suggest sticking to the big 4 (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn) in the beginning and then expanding if needs be.

A very important aspect of social media is that it always has to be relevant and updated. If you feel like taking on all of the “big 4” in the beginning, then start small. Analyze your target market and see what social media platforms they use, and then only choose the relevant ones (Can’t decide? Look at your competitors and see what they doing, that should help you get started)

There are really amazing marketing tools that the social media platforms have that can help you reach your customers based on demographic, geography, age, preferences etc.

4. SEO your website

In a current “Googlian” civilization that we live in, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) cannot be underestimated. Whether your business is purely online or you are using a website to drive business to your front doors, you have to optimize your website to make sure you are in the first 3 pages of Google. According to academic research, 91% of visitors do not go past page 1 of the search results, so make sure you are at the top.

There are a lot of tools and help online on how to optimize your SEO. Use it to your advantage.

5. Maintain a solid database

Keeping a database of your past, present and future potential customers is the backbone of all effective marketing. Communicate with them regularly, either by e-mail, phone, newsletters, etc.

This is an effective method to always keep you in their back of their mind and deliver your message directly to them in a more “personal” manner.

There is a fine line between marketing and spamming, so be careful not to cross that line.

These 5 cost effective marketing tips will help you engage customers, build relationships, and ultimately keep your brand top-of-mind.

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