Level Four and What Does It Mean?

On Friday, 1 May 2020, South Africa will implement its Risk Adjusted Strategy and move the country into level Four restrictions. But, what does it mean for us as individuals and more importantly, what does it mean for our businesses?

There has been a lot of rumours and “fake news” circulating social media and messaging groups since we last heard our President, Cyril Ramaphosa, address us towards the end of last week. With that in mind, we as Fundrr, have taken it upon ourselves to summarize the changes that will become our “normal”.

We certainly live in a world that seems to be changing every day. South Africa, along with other nations in the world, have decided to reignite the economy by an approach that is called Risk Adjusted Strategy. What this means is that instead of ending the lockdown and allowing everything to go back to normal, whilst the Coronavirus is still an immediate threat, we will rather take it step by step and introduce 5 different levels to which the economy can jump back and forth depending on the country’s situation.

So, as we said above, from 1 May 2020, South Africa will progress onto level Four restrictions. This will, in turn, introduce further economic activity and allow parts of the economy that were turned off, to come back online. Let us get this straight, it is by no stretch of the imagination, going to get us back to where we were before the COVID-19 pandemic hit us as a country, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

We have previously posted which services are allowed to operate during the level Five restrictions, so to save time and energy, we will just highlight that changes that will be occurring under level Four. 

Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry and Fishing

  • Companies that provide or are involved in the forestry sector will be allowed to go back to work.


  • Automotive manufacturing, including components, scaling up in phases to 50% employment
  • Stationery production, scaling up in phases to 50% employment
  • Cement, other construction material, and hardware, scaling up in phases to 50% employment
  • All other manufacturing, scaling up to 20% employment

Construction and related services

  • Road and bridge projects
  • Other public works civil engineering projects

Wholesale and retail trade, covering stores, spaza shops, eCommerce and informal traders

  • The sale of hot cooked food, ONLY for home delivery
  • Stationery and educational books
  • Tobacco products
  • Personal ICT (Information and Communication Technology) equipment including computers, mobile telephones and other home office equipment

Information and communication services

  • Information and Communication Technology services for all private and business customers

Financial and business services

  • Call centres, for local and all international markets, may operate subject to directions issues by the relevant cabinet members
  • Rental of motor vehicles, machinery and equipment, and of personal and household goods to support other Level Four services
  • Other professional services may operate only where work-from-home is not possible, and only to support other Level Four services

Accommodation and food service activities

  • Restaurants ONLY for food delivery services (09:00 to 20:00) and subject to curfew (no sit down or pick-up allowed)

Transport, storage and communication services

  • Public rail, minibus taxi, bus services will resume at levels and on terms as will be set out in directions, based on the progressive increase in commuter numbers during various phases
  • Essential imported goods will be prioritised through ports of entry and for transport and handling to final users. Directions will be issues in respect of other goods

Mining and quarrying

  • Open-cast mining scaling up to full employment

Repairs and related emergency services

  • Emergency automobile repairs for all persons

Public administration, government services and other arms of the state

  • Licensing, permitting and deeds office; birth and death certificates, replacement identification documents
  • Any other services designated by the Executive Authority, HODs, Heads of Courts, and Heads of other public institutions, government and other arms of the state.

Health, social and personal services

  • Recycling of glass, paper and metal including informal recyclers permitted at 50% capacity
  • All social work, counselling, care and relief activities permitted
  • Trade union essential staff for workers covered by Level Four subject to directions

Education services

  • Permitted on dates and schedule set out separately

And for last, for our own sanity and personal freedom

  • People can exercise under strict public health conditions, subject to directions, which will EXCLUDE organized activities, recreational facilities and gyms

This is certainly a start and a step in the right direction. We are confident that together, as a nation, we will overcome this and move forward. We have seen appreciable and exceptional leadership from our government and our president and we are optimistic that together, slowly, we will be able to come out of this a stronger nation and an even stronger economy.

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