The Importance of Keeping Up With Biz Trends

Guys, these days it’s all DIGITAL. Gain access to all the trends online in a snap – because that’s where most of them are! TikTok, Instagram and Twitter are a hive of trends, happenings and #WhatsHot. Keeping up with Biz Trends and staying ahead of the curve gives your biz a unique advantage when trying to attract members of your target audience. You’ll be able to get customers to commit to purchasing your goods and services simply because you’re on the ball with business trends on social media. Here’s a few ways to stay on top – because you’re not a regular business, you’re a cool business.

Analytics Tools Alert You To Incoming Trends

Tools like Google Trends show changes in popular items across the net. It’s a great way to anticipate what’s coming and get ahead of your competitors’ game. Also try Google Alerts to get notifications on your brand and stay on top of PR content and mentions.

Fly Under The Radar

Customers hate being flooded with ads, ads, ads (trolls even enjoy leaving snarky comments on your posts.) A way to circumvent this is to market subtly through connecting and engaging with your audience. Use tools for inbound marketing like the CMS & CRM Platform, Hubspot, and make sure that you have some fun and enticing content that isn’t a product or service hardsell.

Watch Your Enemies (I mean, Competition) Like A Hawk

If you see that your competitors are doing something right – then there’s nothing wrong with jumping on the bandwagon, so long as it makes sense for your brand. If your competition is joining in with trends and gaining clout for it – GO FOR IT! (Clout-chasing be damned)

Show Your Customers That There Are Humans Behind The Business

Chat to them and ask them what they’d like to see. Use social engagement tools such as polls, surveys, competitions and more to get valuable insights from your target audience on exactly how they’d like to be marketed to. Make sure that your brand aligns with what your customers like (for example, don’t make it corporate if your target audience is ‘moms with tots’.)

And there you have it! A couple of ways to stay cool and consistent with your biz. Remember to always keep in the loop with news, trends, and US! We’re the source for all the coolest stuff to do with Epic Biz FUN*ding.*

Source: Yokel Local

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